PRESS: Open Mind Health Significantly Raises the Bar in Mental Telehealth with "Wellness Tracks"

Updated: Apr 28

As seen on Yahoo! Finance

SAN DIEGO, April 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/OMH launches the first mental telehealth practice utilizing personalized and holistic wellness tracks. The company was founded by Dr. Craig Beach, a clinical and forensic psychiatrist who, over 20 years, has accumulated a wealth of experience identifying mental wellness approaches that work. As Dr. Beach states, "Mental health is essential to overall health. Only by customizing and targeting care utilizing evidence-based treatments are people truly able to achieve and maintain mental health and wellbeing."

The demand for mental health services has increased exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic, fueled by health, societal, economic, and political crises all converging. While technology has enabled broader access to mental health care, access alone doesn't ensure quality outcomes. OMH embodies the highest quality as their expert providers utilize only proven treatment approaches.

The Team — Integrative Expertise OMH's diverse team of psychiatrists, therapists, executive/life coaches, and health care consultants have been carefully selected based on their commitment to a holistic care philosophy combined with their unique skills and personal qualities. Integrative services range from psychiatry, psychotherapy, and medication management to fitness/nutrition and music therapy. Providers also have expertise in addressing complex situations where risk assessment and management are critical.

Many current mental telehealth companies offer a “light” version of services primarily through text and email communication. And even with this low touch approach, companies like TalkSpace and BetterHelp have been criticized for slow response (or no response at all), canned replies and little-to-no personalized interaction. In fact, even some of their therapists have complained that it takes much longer to build any type of relationship via text. And the experts agree. In a recent article in The Cut, Dr. John Torous, the director of digital psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and leader of the American Psychiatric Association’s Health IT Committee said, “The research on text therapy is very limited. A 2019 study showed “marginal evidence” to support text messaging as a treatment approach for depression and concluded that more research was needed.” However, the clear benefits derived from deeper emotional processing are the reason why OMH’s Membership Plans include at least four one-hour weekly sessions per month, with between-session availability as needed.

Wellness Tracks — Innovative, Proven Treatment Approaches

OMH's unique wellness tracks utilize the latest evidence-based approaches to achieve lasting results. All membership plans begin with a thorough assessment where clients collaborate with their provider to determine which track is best to address their challenges and get to the root cause of emotional concerns. In phase 2, clients complete their wellness tracks learning how to integrate solutions into all facets of their life. Featured wellness tracks include:

  • PIVOT (Planning in the Volatility of our Times) - Improves psychological resilience while adapting to the challenges of an ever-changing world, including COVID.

  • Integrative Medicine: Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit – Designed to help you restore your body's natural equilibrium in the least intrusive pharmacological way.

  • Stabilizing Symptoms – Assesses, stabilizes, and monitors symptoms ranging from depression, anxiety, and ADHD to anger, trauma, and psychosis to the various aspects of personality that influence behavior.

  • ADHD: Focus and Flourish – Addresses ADHD symptoms, challenges, and other co-occurring conditions (e.g.,