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Mental health professionals who find a home at OMH are individuals who possess a closely-held conviction that clients deserve the healing and tools to live their best possible lives. Our philosophy is first to stabilize our clients' mental health. Then, with continued support and the option to add complementary and alternative mind-body-spirit wellness modalities, our clients can advance their personal evolution.

Psychiatrists, Physicians & Psychiatric NPs/PAs

General/Child & Adolescent/ Addictions/Integrative/Forensic

Our practitioners are leaders and experts in the industry. They are compassionate physicians who embrace and share their expertise in therapy and medication management. They work closely as members of our interdisciplinary team. 


Treating the mind-body-spirit in new ways!

The OMH mission is to provide the highest quality of care, utilize the latest in treatments, and build a team with the same values. Our therapists are compassionate, thought innovators, and client-oriented professionals.

Complementary & Alternative Practicioners

Advancing personal evolution

OMH's complementary & alternative practitioners are best-in-class providers who practice their mind-body-spirit modalities with passion and compassion. Their work helps clients build skills, promote mental wellness, and advance personal evolution. Join us in our movement to synergize clinical and complementary and alternative wellness approaches!

Join a team of mind-body-spirit experts leading the way in mental health treatment to optimize the highest level of personal evolution for our clients. Gain flexibility with the ability to work from home with our telehealth platform, collaborate with a team of industry trailblazers, and position yourself for the future of technology and global access in behavioral health. Benefit from the OMH state-of-the-art telehealth platform and internal media/marketing outreach which advises and encourages involvement from all of our providers, increasing your visibility through blogs, videos and webinars.

Therapist, WA

"I just want to thank you again for caring about your therapists. Meeting with you yesterday was awesome, despite the constructive criticism that was offered to me in the spirit of continuous improvement, care for me, and ultimately care for our clients. This is a GREAT COMPANY to work for and YOU REALLY DO CARE! I think you are amazing!."

Therapist, VA

I wanted to let you know what a great employee Brenda is. I email her all the time with questions and she is unfailingly helpful. She is so quick to respond. She doesn’t let things drop and follows up if anything isn’t solved yet. The level of energy and effort she puts into her job is greatly appreciated. If I were running a company I would want to hire three of her!."

Therapist, CA

“I appreciate you reaching out! I'm not in a hurry or stressed about starting my new job at OMH. Michelle and Brenda have been wonderful! I am building a small office in the garage and am so stoked!!! I have a lot of therapist friends that went to work online. None of them have had the experience anything like what I've been having with you guys. That's why I paid attention to your posting rather than any of the others because I already knew what they had in store for me."

Therapists, MD

“I met with a fellow Maryland-based Open Mind Health therapist today for coffee. We shared information on various things related to documenting client care on the technology. I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am how Open Mind Health sets up the documentation in such an efficient way and allows you to be able to focus on building the relationship, etc. We are really enjoying working with people through Open Mind Health."

Therapist, CA

“I know the credentialing process is already underway. I also had an amazing conversation with  Open Mind Health therapist Melissa - what a wonderful clinician, person, and future colleague! I am really looking forward to joining the OMH team! I have created an EHR profile, and am impressed with the interface and software and it looks very user-friendly and efficient. Thank you for making this onboarding process so seamless!"

Frequent Provider Questions and Answers

Why join OMH? 


Find your tribe!

Open Mind Health is a 100% Virtual Mental Health service comprised of open-minded individuals and clinicians whose philosophy of care is collaborative, whole-person, holistic, and integrated. While medication and talk therapy are important, we recognize they are not sufficient in addressing the complexities of modern living. Our approach balances physical, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental health. Thrive in an environment surrounded by the industry's brightest minds, offering continuous learning and personal growth opportunities.


The key ingredient for quality outcomes lies in the authentic relationship and connection between the provider and the individual. Our providers bring their whole selves and the full range of their expertise to work, not just what they learned in their studies but what their families, communities, culture, life, and unique areas of study have taught them about themselves and the human condition. We appreciate people's unique gifts, experiences, and perspectives! 


What is the leadership at OMH all about?

Experience leadership characterized by transparency, integrity, and humility. We are clinician-led, purpose-driven. Our three pillars are Support, Flexibility, and Autonomy. We appreciate, support, and strengthen your clinical judgment. We build processes that support continuous improvement and collaborative growth with providers. Our leadership adopts an empathic learning lens. Actively seeking provider feedback on how we might continue to improve the client and provider experience. 

Support: (All accessible through the 1 app)

  • EHR is designed with the provider in mind. 

  • Accessible Clinical Leadership

  • Administrative Support

  • Opportunities for collaboration

  • Tech Assistance, 

  • Client Bookings/ Scheduling  

  • Client Retention 

  • Insurance-Related Queries/Billing


  • We collaborate with you to establish a schedule that aligns with your peak performance.

  • Leadership is creative, compassionate, and solution-seeking.


  • Remote Work Environment

  • Culture of Quality and Continuous Improvement

  • Respect for Clinical Judgment

  • Use Your Full Expertise

  • Purpose

  • Collaborative

  • Holistic Care

  • Accessibility/Easy-to-use systems

What is the OMH Way:

The OMH Way is a distinctive approach that encompasses several key principles:

  • Collaboration and Holistic Care

  • Culture of Quality, Learning, and Innovation

  • Staged, Structured, and Prioritized Interventions

  • Dynamic, Assertive, and Transparent Style

  • Proactive Client Education

What are the expectations for providers?

As a provider at OMH, we set high expectations, recognizing the transformative impact you can make:

  • Accountability and Impact

  • Growth Mindset

  • Concise Decision-Making

  • Integrity and Ethical Standards

  • Cultivation of Supportive Culture

  • Setting and Protecting Boundaries

  • Feedback and Solution-Oriented Approach

  • Commitment to Personal Evolution

  • Continuous Feedback for Performance Enhancement

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

Joining - Credentialing and Onboarding 

How do I join OMH?

  • Submit your resume: . If we feel you would be a great fit, we will reach out to schedule a meeting to discuss the opportunities we offer, get to know each other, and discuss the next steps.

What do I need to have to join the OMH network of providers?

  • License(s) for states in which you wish to practice.

  • Current Resume

  • NPI (National Provider Identifier) Number

  • CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) Data Summary

  • 3 professional references

Can I join OMH if I am working under supervision?


What happens to my existing private practice when I join OMH?

We do not have a non-compete, you may continue seeing your private clients.

Onboarding experience

  • Self-directed training (videos, articles, and practice in the test client file)

  • Invited to book a 1:1 with your recruiter to do a test drive of the EHR and answer any questions. 

  • Introduced to the admin team and how each of their roles is designed to support you. 

Credentialing experience

It can take 30-90 days; we negotiate your start date as you become in network with insurance.

Does OMH have a required caseload? 

No, some clients may be seen more or less frequently.

Are sessions with clients virtual or in-person? 

100% Virtual

What insurance companies are you in the network with? 

We are in network with most of the major insurance companies; Kaiser and TriWest are our most significant sources.

When is payroll?

  • 1099 (Independent Contractor): 1x a month on the 10th of the month for the previous month.

  • W2 (FT or PT Hourly): Bi-weekly

What is the difference between W2 and 1099?

W-2 Employee:

  • Hourly non-exempt

  • Incentive plan that tops up your base pay to reward you for exceptional client commitment and engagement (reducing no-shows)

  • Employer portion of benefits

  • PTO, we pay payroll taxes on top of your wage.

  • 401(k)

  • You have a supervisor to report to

  • You can choose from several health plans.

  • Dental/vision

  • Flexible holidays that you can choose another day in lieu of some of the major holidays.

  • No questions asked bereavement day.

  • Preventative wellness OMH Day

  • Class Pass. continuous personal evolution

1099 Independent contractor:

  • Must be independently incorporated in California.

  • autonomy with your schedule, you provide your availability, and clients can choose a time,

  • 7% of taxes will be withheld for work performed in California if you reside outside of California.

  • no benefits, no health insurance, no PTO, you pay your own taxes and employer payroll taxes, 

  • We do not pay for no-shows.

Is there a stipend towards work-related expenses (i.e., $-- internet)? 

  • For 1099- No. 

  • W2- For full-time hourly- $50/per month (prorated if working less than 40hrs) 

What EHR does OMH use?

Charm EHR is our one sign-on system, a cloud-based and user-friendly Electronic Health Record (EHR). Your use of Charm includes conducting client sessions and all that it entails with accessible support in one spot. 

Tell me more about getting and working with clients at OMH.

How do I get clients through OMH?

  • Referrals come from insurance carriers.

  • Clients may choose your profile through our website.

How are scheduling and appointment confirmations done? 

  • Our Liaisons handle appointment scheduling and insurance verification.

  • You're not tasked with confirming appointments or handling billing, allowing focus on client care.

What is the average time to get a full caseload of clients? 

  • Three weeks

What are the sessions like?

At OMH, we tailor our sessions to meet the unique needs of our clients:

  • Regular therapy sessions and initial psychiatry appointments: 60-minute slot. Allows rapport building and thorough documentation.

  • Employee Assistance sessions: 40-minute slot. Addresses specific concerns while maintaining a client-centered approach.

  • Follow-up psychiatry appointments: 20-minute slot. Tailored for specific follow-up care needs.

We believe in a personalized and outcomes-driven approach:

  • Time-Limited and Results-Focused

  • Individualized Duration

  • Commitment to Weekly Recurring Sessions

  • Goal-Oriented Progress Tracking

Tell me about the types of clients that OMH serves. Are there any exclusionary criteria for clients?

  • Our clients tend to have mild to moderate mental health concerns.  

  • Our top diagnoses are anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance use.  

  • Must be safe to be seen via tele.

Do you have clients waiting? 

  • At OMH, our commitment is to minimize waiting times through proactive and continuous monitoring of demands and matching recruitment efforts. 

What are the expectations regarding no-shows/late cancellations?

  • A 5-day notice is required to change an appointment time.  

  • Comprehensive approach to enhance client commitment and positive treatment experience.

What are Wellness tracks?

  • Validating/Normalizing Experiences and Reducing Stigma

  • Tips for evidence-based treatments and complementary modalities 

What is the documentation like?

  • Our focus is on making technology work for clinicians, not the other way around.

  • OMH embraces advancements in AI across various client and provider interactions, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.

  • Templated notes are prepopulated with client information.

  • Clients actively contribute to their records by providing intake information in their own words. 

  • Clients can add goals and commitments to the wellness track plan.

  • Compliance-related items are prompted with tick boxes. 

  • After the provider signs the notes, transparency is maintained, allowing clients to correct any misinterpretations and stay aligned with the treatment plan. 

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