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Open Mind Health membership plan wellness tracks utilize evidence-based approaches to develop lasting solutions. They are customized in collaboration with your provider to get to the "root cause" of your challenges.


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1. Complete your assessment phase with an OMH professional


4. Continuing assessment, maintenance,
and support

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2. Collaborate with your provider to design a customized plan incorporating our highly effective tracks

3. Begin your mental wellness track journey


Monthly Open Mind Health memberships typically include four 60-minute face-to-face telehealth sessions as well as between-session availability as therapeutically indicated with your provider.


The Open Mind Health wellness tracks are guided by your life journey and background. Our experienced and empathetic providers work with you to create a holistic roadmap to optimize your mental wellness trajectory.


“I was confused and lost. In an abusive relationship and still grieving for my husband, who was stolen from me after a drunk driver plowed into our car. God, I was in a mess. Stephanie stepped in and helped me find the strength in me to end the relationship and find myself again.”



Planning in the Volatility of Our Times

This track is intended to improve your psychological resilience, while adapting to the challenges of an ever-changing world, including COVID.


  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

  • Enhance adaptability and safety

  • Gain compassion for yourself and others

  • Build hope for the future

Stabilizing Symptoms

This track is intended to assess, stabilize, and monitor symptoms ranging from depression, anxiety, and ADHD to anger, trauma and psychosis to the various aspects of our personality that influence our behavior. The therapy track is implemented in conjunction with your medications and other integrative treatments.


  • Decrease/eliminate symptoms

  • Provide health education

  • Improve coping skills and safety planning

  • Manage risk

  • Optimize environmental factors

  • Offer family support and education




This track focuses on trauma, loss and grief. Utilizing an inspiring, compassionate, and validating approach, together we address the impacts of complex and cumulative trauma throughout the lifespan and across all environments, including:

  • Integrate your identity

  • Victimization and betrayal

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Oppression and systemic discrimination

  • Acute and complex trauma

  • Aging and life transitions

  • Changes in physical health and abilities 


  • Increase insight

  • Build self-awareness and personal power

  • Enhancing psychological resilience

  • Develop a healthy balance

  • Establish emotional and environmental safety

  • Healing through Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)



This track focuses on improving relationships with yourself and others and developing effective interpersonal communication and behaviors. Intended to help individuals, couples, families, blended families, those struggling in work and personal relationships, and others.


  • Enhance interpersonal trust, intimacy, and reciprocity

  • Build and renegotiate roles and boundaries

  • Resolve high-stakes conflicts through mediation

  • Improve assertive communication and networking 


ADHD: Focus & Flourish

This track is intended to help you stay focused and achieve your fullest potential. It addresses functional challenges stemming from ADHD and other co-occurring conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors). Valuable strategies and solutions are offered and ADHD is approached from a perspective of strength rather than deficit. A comprehensive recovery plan including skills training, therapy, coaching, and/or medication management is implemented.


  • Learn to be present in the moment and focus on what’s important

  • Develop structure, routines, and healthy relationships 

  • Increase productivity and achieve your fullest potential

  • Discover the environment that allows you to flourish 

  • Reduce maladaptive coping and avoid addiction

  • Eliminate ADHD symptoms (e.g., difficulties with time management)

Integrative Healing for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit 

This track is healing oriented and designed to help you restore your body's natural equilibrium, avoiding/limiting medications where possible. Your holistic wellness team includes experts in integrative medicine, psychotherapy, and specialists in fitness/nutrition and music therapy.  


  • Thyroid and hormonal (e.g., estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc) testing and supplementation to improve mood, anxiety, energy, sleep, and overall wellbeing. 

  • Skin health evaluation and personalized home care plan to help restore homeostasis and allow the skin to heal itself

  • Assess and treat biochemical imbalances (e.g., analyze and treat medical conditions presenting as mental health disorders, such as chronic Lyme Disease and babesia infection, food sensitivities, toxicities, mold and heavy metal exposure, etc.)

  • Reduce short- and long-term stress

  • Improve sleep patterns 

  • Decrease/eliminate acute symptoms (e.g., depression, anxiety, etc.)

  • Boost your overall health through improved nutrition

  • Integrate a healthy fitness plan (e.g., Yoga, Tai Chi, among many others)

  • Improve your memory

  • Develop your creativity



This track teaches key ingredients to effectively communicate with a broad range of people in various situations.


  • Learn and master critical communication skills

  • Succeed and thrive in various circumstances

  • Feel at ease and communicate effectively

  • Work toward becoming an influential and inspirational public speaker

  • Improve assertive communication and boundaries 

  • Understand and manage conflict styles

  • Navigate crucial conversations

Realizing Your Full Potential

Thriving, not just surviving!

This track helps recognize/pursue your interests, strengths, and talents in order to realize and express your full authentic self, both personally and professionally.


  • Reveal your interests

  • Confidently step out of your comfort zone

  • Become a more interesting/dynamic/authentic person

  • Integrate your identity

  • Build your brand

  • Use your power for positive purpose


Positively Queer

This track focuses on all things from a queer lens, including: the history and legacy of the LGBTQIA+ community, healthy relationships and family dynamics; questioning, transitioning, and coming out; stigma/stereotypes; psychological vulnerabilities/risks, and more.


  • Adverse experiences: Processing adverse experiences throughout the lifespan (e.g., isolation/overexposure, rejection and shame, bullying/harassment, discrimination, targeted violence)

  • Identity: Gender fluidity and sexual orientation; questioning, transitioning, and coming out; identity formation and integration; self expression, presentation, and acceptance

  • Intimacy: Exploring and expressing desire and attraction; varied erotic preferences; and sexual education 

  • Relationships: Defining diverse relationships (friendships,  sexual intimates, open relationships/polyamory, blended families; role models), communication and conflict, and abuse/violence

  • Workplace: Choosing the right fit; compromising without being compromised; advocacy in the workplace; boundaries/safety; conflict and discrimination; reputation and credibility; and promotion and career growth 

  • Vulnerabilities and Risks: Oppression, shame, humiliation, self-doubt, isolation, masking/overcompensating, body image, depression, anxiety, bullying/harassment, trauma/violence, substance use/party play, addiction, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and medication interactions 

Living While Black in a Race Conscious World

This track is intended to address topics important to understanding the impacts of oppression and systemic racism while empowering individuals, couples and families to rise above adversity and advance in all domains of life.


  • Oppression & Systemic Racism: Celebrating strengths and understanding the legacy of oppression and subtleties of systemic racism

  • Inequities: Identifying and tackling educational, employment and societal inequities

  • Relationships: Friendships, dating, same-race/interracial, blended families, family systems, parenting, spirituality and religion, microaggressions/dicrimination, abuse/violence

  • Workplace: Identity and expression in the workplace; diversity and inclusion; workplace empowerment and advocacy; stereotypes; systemic discrimination, reputation and credibility; and promotion and career growth 

  • Vulnerabilities and Risks: Oppression, shame, humiliation, overcompensating, depression, anxiety, addiction, bullying/harassment, suicide, sexual abuse, infidelity, trauma/violence


Altering Addictions & Becoming Balanced

This track is intended for a variety of addictions such as substances, food, gambling, hypersexual behaviors, smartphone addiction and others. Understand the multifaceted roots of your addiction development and implement a sustainable recovery plan. 


  • Understand the mind-body-soul and behavioral roots of addiction

  • Enhance change readiness

  • Interrupt the cycle of addiction

  • Explore and address the impacts on the family system

  • Build recovery structures and supports

  • Develop relapse prevention plans  

Continuing Assessment, Maintenance, and Support

This track is designed to keep you on track after completing your initial assessment phase and wellness track(s).


This monthly program typically includes one 60-minute face-to-face therapy session and between-session availability as therapeutically indicated with your provider.  


Keeps you on track by providing ongoing support and offering strategies for maintaining your mental wellness over time.

Empowering Older Adults

This track will help older adults cope with changes in physical and mental health as well as improve their quality of life, identify and achieve their legacy. 


  • Maintain a strong sense of self and dignity in changing health, functioning, or living circumstances

  • Learn to set boundaries and teach loved ones and caregivers how best to support you

  • Adapt and thrive with chronic illnesses

  • Reduce loneliness by enhancing engagement and increasing interaction through rewarding relationships and activities

  • Recognize and manage loss and grief

  • Improve coping by reducing mental health symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, age-related cognitive decline, among others

  • Explore end-of-life planning or medical assistance in dying (MAID)

  • Identify goals that reflect your values and create a plan to integrate them into your daily life

  • Strengthen self-acceptance and self-compassion

  • Improve quality of life, enjoyment, and connection

Asians & Pacific Islanders and Proud

This track is intended to address topics critical to understanding the impacts of oppression, systemic racism, acculturative stress, harmful effects of the model minority myth, and the rise in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate and targeted violence due to COVID-19. Collaboratively, the OMH team supports individuals, families, and couples through empowerment, learning resilience, finding meaning, and improving all domains of life to heal and thrive.


  • Oppression & Systemic Racism: Honoring strengths and understanding the legacy of the model minority myth/oppression and subtleties of systemic racism and its effects on identity, meaning, and sense of self

  • Inequities: Identifying and tackling employment and societal inequities and stereotypes, focused on the effects of limited representation in history, culture, and the media

  • Relationships: Friendships, dating, same race/interracial, blended families, family systems (straddling between traditional Asian values and expectations and societal expectations), parenting, spirituality and religion, microaggressions/discrimination, abuse/targeted violence

  • Workplace: Identity and expression in the workplace; diversity and inclusion; workplace empowerment and advocacy; stereotypes; systemic discrimination, reputation and credibility; and promotion and career growth

  • Vulnerabilities and Risks: Oppression, shame, humiliation, overcompensating, depression, anxiety, addiction, bullying/harassment (AAPI hate), suicide, trauma/violence


Child and Adolescent Care

We recognize the unique needs of young people under the age of 18 and offer them support and treatment along with their families and loved ones. This specialized therapy track is implemented in collaboration with your physician/psychiatrist to assess and address a range of concerns.


  • Assess developmental milestones and complete language, growth, cognitive, psychosocial and psychosexual needs assessments 

  • Optimize overall mind-body-spirit functioning  

  • Provide health education 

  • Improve coping skills and safety planning 

  • Offer family support and education 

  • Address disordered eating

  • Assess and treat symptoms of Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Anxiety Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and more 

  • Manage the impacts of family disruption 

  • Diagnose and address neurodiversity, first-onset ADHD and first-onset psychosis  

  • Assess and manage substance use, misuse, and abuse 

  • Address bullying, harrassment, and stigma  

  • Explore and address sexual identity, gender identity including exploration of hormonal and surgical modalities where appropriate  

  • Manage risks of self-injurious behavior, suicidality, and violence 

Sports and Mental Health
Getting and Staying on Track!

This track focuses on helping athletes address issues around sports and learn tools and techniques to improve mental health symptoms including stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, eating disorders, and substance abuse. It helps to embrace strengths and talents to realize and express your full authentic self, both personally and professionally.


  • Improve coping skills by reducing mental health symptoms

  • Capitalize on psychological resilience 

  • Overcome the stigma and perceived weakness of mental illness

  • Empowering mental well-being to increase confidence, focus, and emotional stability

  • Learn your true priorities – Health first! (mental vs. short- and long-term career risks)  

  • Incorporate mindfulness practices to help relax, deal with sports-related stress, and make room for reflection on the role that sports plays in your life

  • Address and overcome the negative effects of body image, aging, and loss of identity

  • Develop effective tools for emotional stress due to physical injuries, career transitions, or other life changes that alter the role sports plays in your life

  • Strengthen the mind-body-spiritual connection

  • Utilize adversity to achieve excellence

  • Address and issues affecting an entire team, including sexism, racism, and substance abuse


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South East Asian – Building Positivity

This track offers support and treatment to people of South Asian descent, which includes people from India, Pakistan, and surrounding regions. It focuses on collaboration with you and your family members to address a range of concerns, such as coping with language and cultural barriers, which can cause feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, and more. It will teach a new approach through mind positivity and confidence-building tools, culture and family integration, and linguistic support to assist individuals and their families to thrive in their environment.


  • Decrease/eliminate mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation

  • Improve relationships 

  • Replace shame with honor

  • Confront generational issues and conflicts including family, personal, work, and community relationships

  • Help to cope with language and cultural barriers

  • Provide health education

  • Improve coping skills and safety planning

  • Offer language-speaking assistance

  • Help to build self-confidence

  • Embrace cultural identity to feel more "at home”

  • Open communication to relieve anxiety and misunderstandings

  • Assist with understanding and navigating “west” and “east” mindsets


Therapy Membership plan pricing:

  • Assessment Phase (1st month): $699*

  • Wellness Tracks Phase (2-4 months/track): $599 per month* 

  • Continuing Assessment, Maintenance, and Support Phase (ongoing as desired): $199 per month*

Monthly Open Mind Health memberships typically include four 60-minute face-to-face telehealth sessions as well as between-session availability as therapeutically indicated with your provider.

Psychiatry membership plans are also available. (Includes prorated pricing over time.) Call 855-550-MIND for more information.

Starting prices for membership plans. Contact Open Mind Health for variations on treatment plan pricing or for individual session rates. 

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