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Launch of Work Your Purpose Virtual Series - Building Mentally Healthy Workplaces

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 27, 2020

Open Mind Health (OMH) and Sunderland Coaching are pleased to announce a new virtual LinkedIn webinar series designed to help organizations build mentally healthy workplace cultures. Work is no longer about just bringing in a paycheck. Employees expect to feel valued and embraced. They want a working environment that provides a sense of community and well-being and they’re far more interested in organizations that emphasize work-life balance that includes benefits like paid time off and mental health supports and services. In fact, a recent study by Harvard Business Review showed that 91% believe a company’s culture should support mental health*. CEO of Sunderland Coaching, Debra Sunderland states, “By combining Open Mind Health’s holistic expertise in mind-body-spirit wellness along with our recognized strategies on leadership and team building, our partnership will help both employers and employees truly Work their Purpose.”

Why Now?

Organizations are finally recognizing the huge impact that mental health struggles, and the resulting lack of productivity, has on their bottom line. Even prior to COVID, research predicted the global result of mental health conditions is estimated to cost companies 6 trillion by 2030. With the pandemic, that number is expected to rise as almost 50% of workers surveyed at the end of last year reported they were struggling with mental health concerns. And it’s affecting younger generations even more profoundly with 68% of Millennials and 81% of Gen Z workers reporting they left work for mental health reasons.

LinkedIn Virtual Series – What will it Cover?

Our series will teach employers and employees how to implement the three fundamentals from Open Mind Health’s proprietary wellness track, Bringing Purpose, Positivity, and Productivity to the Workplace. This is the most recent example of OMH’s twenty unique wellness tracks. We bridge the gap between what organizations can do to support their employees and what actions employees can take to increase their fulfillment. After the virtual LinkedIn webinars, we will be offering organizations a free 30-minute discovery call as well. Our initial LI sessions will be free of charge and will be held every Thursday and Tuesday beginning November 4th. Topics include:

· Cultural Survey and Environmental Needs Assessment: Examine your existing culture and develop strategies to increase integrity, curiosity, authentic communication, and collective responsibility.

· Team and Workplace Evaluation: Build compassionate, courageous, and connected teams. Empower leadership to achieve a dynamic workplace where health, wellbeing, and productivity are optimized.

· Develop and Maintain a Purpose-Driven Workplace Culture: Prioritize and practice authenticity, DEI, and meaningful engagement.

· Prioritize Mental Well Being: Customize mind-body-spirit care to address employee/employer challenges such as workplace traumatic stress, burnout, and lack of engagement.

As Dr. Craig Beach, CEO of Open Mind Health states, “Our series will enable organizations to support mental wellness within their workplace and create an environment where employees are encouraged to be compassionate and aren’t afraid to show vulnerability.” When organizations evolve culturally it helps them increase job satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

More about Open Mind Health

OMH, a national mental tele health company, helps individuals achieve mental wellness and works with organizations to optimize the integration and delivery of holistic mind-body-spirit care. We offer treatment programs, 20 featured wellness tracks, structured risk assessments, behavioral management packages to all types of workplaces, and work in coordination with HR departments to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services.

More about Sunderland Coaching

Sunderland Coaching empowers leaders to shift from unconscious beliefs and behaviors, to intentionally creating what they most want. The shift is from blame and defensiveness to learning and ownership. Leaders achieve their desired results and raise up their teams who are invited to discover what it is to take radical responsibility and create win-for-all solutions.

For Press Inquiries:

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For more information about how to improve your workplace culture and register for the event, click here.

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