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Become part of the Open Mind Health team today!

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Join a team of mental health experts leading the way in treatment, education, technology and media expansion. Gain flexibility with the ability to work from home with our telehealth platform, collaborate with a team of industry trailblazers and position yourself for the future of technology and global access in behavioral health. Benefit from the OMH state-of-the-art telehealth platform and internal media/marketing outreach which advises and encourages involvement from all of our providers, increasing their visibility through blogs, videos and webinars.



General/Forensic Experts

Our psychiatrists are leaders and experts in the industry. They are compassionate physicians who embrace and share their expertise in therapy and medication management. They work closely as members of our interdisciplinary team. Our psychiatrists are committed to the best interests of their clients and are committed to giving their all every day.

Fill out the form and application below to apply today!


Treating the mind in new ways!

The OMH mission is to provide the highest quality of care, utilize the latest in treatments, and build a team with the same values. Our therapists are compassionate, thought innovators, and client-oriented professionals—come join us today! Fill out the form and application below!


Making the everyday work.

OMH is proud of the dedicated support team that enables the company mission to be implemented on every level. They assist the providers daily, helping to ensure unsurpassed service, treatment and professionalism, boosting the client experience, and raising care to the highest levels. Fill out the form and application below to apply today!

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