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Shenelle Micole Foster


Shenelle Micole Foster

Micole is a licensed clinical social worker, certified advanced yoga instructor, and spiritual counselor with over 14 years of experience helping clients find their way forward. She earned her MSW degree from Fordham University in 2007, and is a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (under U.S. DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40) as well as certified Yoga for 12-Step Recovery leader.  Micole has worked with adolescents to older adults, addressing a wide variety of issues including addiction/substance use disorder, anxiety, bereavement, depression, suicidality, trauma and PTSD, intimate partner abuse and/or violence, marital and relationship conflicts, work-related stress, and severe mental illness including schizophrenia spectrum disorders and bipolar disorder. She also works with individuals experiencing a crisis of faith/spiritual depression, a desire for deeper connection to their life’s work and purpose, and those seeking to discover and/or balance their intuitive and empathic gifts.

Many people wonder what it means to be “spiritual,” and there are a multitude of answers and paths to Truth. For Micole, spirituality simply refers to a lived awareness that we are energetically made up of more than just our physical body, and that this awareness connects us to something larger than ourselves, no matter what we choose to call it. Embracing this perspective in work with clients means that crises are seen as opportunities for growth and transformation - in other words, the moment you decide something needs to change, you (or your “soul”) have opened the door for change to occur.  Micole's approach is client-centered, trauma-informed, solution-focused, and also relies on cognitive-behavioral and psychosomatic therapies to help clients interrupt and shift maladaptive patterns.  Techniques for meditation, visualization, breathwork, and yoga asana practice can also be incorporated depending on the client's unique need and interest. 

Micole sees clients virtually in Hawaii, New York, and internationally.

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