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Keley Heckman


Keley Heckman

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Keley Heckman has worked in the field of Social Work for over two decades and has a passion for helping people take control of their lives, uncover their self-love, and live authentically. She believes, “Trauma rewires our brains and can make us feel hopeless and stuck. Trauma does not have to be a life sentence. There is beauty on the other side of trauma and, with the right help, people can get back to a better place than they were before.”


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Keley has worked in a variety of settings including at a psychiatric hospital; as a case manager working in Assertive Community Treatment programs for children, transitional aged youth and foster youth; with older adults and Veterans using a recovery model; and as a medical social worker. She specializes in anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and severe mental health conditions. Her passion for helping those understand the effects of personal trauma has fostered a dedication to teaching. She has facilitated trainings to several local organizations, including on trauma informed care.


Keley has also worked as a psychiatric first responder, aiding law enforcement and EMS with mental health crises and as a Clinical Director overseeing crisis response teams for individuals with developmental disabilities throughout the state of California. She is experienced in supporting first responders through critical incidents and understand the impacts of vicarious trauma and knows, firsthand, the challenges first responders face every day.  Throughout her career, she has worked with the homeless, veterans and active-duty military and has performed individual, family, and group psychotherapy at Kaiser Permanente Outpatient Psychiatry, where she also facilitated a PTSD support group and helped rehabilitate clients back into the workforce. 


Keley graduated with a Master’s in Social Work from San Diego State’s Advanced Standing Program. She received her undergraduate social work degree at Azusa Pacific University. She attended a master’s certificate program for applied behavior analysis at University of Phoenix.

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