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Kameka Smith


Kameka Smith
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

Kameka Smith is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in California and has been in practice in the helping professional field for over 15 years. Kameka specializes in treating and stabilizing severe mental illnesses such as psychotic, mood, and personality disorders. Kameka is trained in helping to improve communication in interpersonal relationships, crisis prevention and intervention, and increasing distress tolerance in our current world through mindfulness-based techniques and DBT and CBT.

Kameka has extensive experience with Transitional Age Youth populations from the age of 18-25, though also works with adults of all ages. Kameka strongly believes in the principle of breaking stigma and barriers in accessing mental health treatment for BIPOC communities. She takes pride in introducing healing practices and therapy to those accessing services for the first time.


Kameka specializes in more complicated issues that impact BIPOC communities such as systemic racism, connecting intergenerational trauma to our current experiences, navigating the legal system for justice involved clients, dealing with microaggressions, and regaining a sense of power and control over our lives. Her goal is to help you feel whole and to tap into your inner strengths to live a more fulfilled life.

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