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Justin F. Marsh

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Justin F. Marsh

Licensed Esthetician

Justin F. Marsh is a Licensed Esthetician in the state of California with practices in San Francisco and Palm Springs.  


After experiencing melasma (skin pigmentation) brought on by a combination of past UV-damage, a hormonal change and an antidepressant medication, seeing firsthand the tremendous change possible, Justin was inspired to help others achieve healthy, beautiful skin. The ability to promote natural healing and integrate modern science was exactly what he was looking for and now what he practices. 


Justin's skincare practice focuses on how we can help the skin heal itself.  Whether dealing with issues like hormone-induced rosacea, stress-related acne or UV damage leading to premature aging, Justin creates a personalized plan for his clients to achieve a restoration of skin health.  "Building confidence from the outside in" has helped many of Justin's clients to battle issues like depression and anxiety; and, the empowerment that comes from feeling good in your own skin can be life-changing.


Justin is a licensed esthetician with certificates in paramedical skin revision, LED "light therapy" technologies, as well as skin cancer detection and prevention. His original formal education culminated in a Master of Music Degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music in 2000; and, he has performed with opera companies in Germany, New York, Pennsylvania and California.  Justin still enjoys singing many different types of music.

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