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Juanita Davis


Juanita Davis

Music Therapist and Inspirational Coach

Juanita Davis is a Music Therapist and Inspirational Coach with an inherent love and aptitude for music as well as a yearning for helping, healing and caring for others that began at an early age. The combination of a decades-long professional singing career paired with her education and professional experience in mental health positioned her to develop and offer a range of modern therapy treatments to heal and empower health through the advanced tools of music therapy.

Juanita believes, "We all have a musical body. We each have a measurable vibrational frequency that permeates our human body. Physically or emotionally, we can be in or out of tune, which registers as comfort or pain, health or illness. We are naturally equipped to keep our bodies tuned."

Physical or emotional stress, unresolved trauma, or disease can cause interruptions to your body's natural rhythms. Through music therapy and inspirational coaching, Juanita teaches you to use your body's own tool to awaken your healthy vibrations by releasing interruptions to your bodily rhythms and allowing natural energy to flow and heal. You can "rebalance" the natural rhythm of your body by learning how to feel your steadily "beating" heart and blood "pulsing" through your veins.

Juanita has successfully helped clients with anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, schizophrenia, addiction, eating disorders, pain management, PTSD, and cancer through her music therapy — returning their mind and body to a joyful feeling of bodily order and a renewed blissful symphony.

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