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Drew Parales

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Drew Parales
Certified Yoga/Fitness Instructor
Certified Energy Healing Practitioner & Reiki Master III
Spiritual/Life Coach Meditation & Breathwork Therapy Practitioner

Andrew “Drew” Parales is a Certified Yoga/Fitness Instructor, Certified Energy Healing Practitioner & Reiki Master III, Spiritual/Life Coach, Meditation & Breathwork Therapy Practitioner and Personal Growth Writer. After losing 74 lbs, and living through self-deprecation, Drew has dedicated the last 23 years to preventative health, whole food nutrition, and healing. With Drew’s life-long studies of Metaphysics, he is also a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner & Crystal Therapist. He’s applied all these years of study, research and experience to his life while being taught by some of the heavy hitters in health and personal growth.

He has worked with Tony Robbins, Mastin Kipp, and Marie Forleo. Drew was taught Meditation and Kundalini Breathing & Yoga techniques by his Meditation Teacher in 2008. He is a student of a local Intuitive Healer & a Reiki Master for his Healing Energy Work in San Diego CA. He is also a Professional Photographer, and Former Vocational Rehab Case Manager of 27 years for students with disabilities in the San Diego Unified School District. 

Holistic/Wellness/Spiritual/Metaphysical Services include;

  • Hands-on Energy Healing Therapy & Reiki Healing Sessions

  • Therapeutic Yoga Classes

  • Personal & Group Healing Meditation Sessions

  • Personal & Group Breathwork Therapy Sessions

  • Crystal Therapy and Intuitive Spiritual/Life Coaching

Through Drew's services he helped his clients release, bring into balance and raise their vibration on a myriad concerns like; stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, fear, fatigue, emotional eating & addictions, weight loss and more.

He now shares and educates his students and clients using these Elements and Integrating what works best for them! Drew is an avid Plant-Based Foodie, roller coaster enthusiast, a Disney Parks Fan, nature bather and frequent visitor of Sedona AZ. One of Drew's specialties is welcoming individuals that are new to exploring Holistics, Yoga & Metaphysics and working with beginners! He offers ENTHUSIASM, COMPASSION, HUMOR, and a NURTURING Environment in his teachings, private healing sessions, classes, and believes in his Mission of offering Healing to the body, mind and spirit without perfection or rules.

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