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Dr. Tamazur Karim

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Dr. Tamazur Karim
Holistic Medicine

Dr. Tamazur Karim is a Medical Doctor serving patients holistically.


People have the unending capacity to heal, cope, and change their lives even through life’s most difficult challenges. It is common to feel alone, isolated, and hopeless when a health condition becomes chronic. She has a passion for helping individuals cope and find peace in the midst of living with physical health conditions. She uses integrative therapeutic practices, including evidence-based psychotherapy, to meet each individual where they are in life. Dr. Karim takes a holistic approach to consider the mind-body interaction and utilize techniques such as clinical hypnosis and mindfulness to help individuals reduce stress and manage chronic pain.


Dr. Karim is a foreign Medical Graduate, with rewarding training experience in Hospitals and Health Care. She came to the United States with the dream of serving patients with a mind-body-spirit approach and got her master’s in Health psychology. She then worked for about three years in the field of counseling and Biofeedback in the state of Connecticut. She is in the process of acquiring licensure in the state of California. She has spent her career helping individuals from various diversity, ability statuses, and all walks of life to increase their well-being and  help them to live valued lives. She is culturally diverse, having a south Asian background and being an immigrant to the United States. Dr. Karim is aware of the stresses faced by racial, gender and sexual minorities.


She is honored to help everyone on their wellness journey.

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