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Tyler Sarry

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Tyler Sarry

Mental Resiliency and Wellness Advocate

Tyler Sarry is a passionate fitness professional who has embodied and trained in health and wellness as part of a holistic lifestyle for himself and his clients for over 15 years. As a successful fitness spokesperson, he has worked on campaigns for major brands including Goodlife Fitness, MuscleTech, Fitness Depot, MRI Supplements, Icegear, and Progressive Supplements. Tyler has also been featured in media, including major exercise spreads for magazines such as Maximum Fitness, Exercise for Men, and Physique Magazine, along with appearances on Breakfast Television, MTV, City TV and Dragon’s Den.


In addition to being a well-respected personal trainer for high-profile clients including news anchors, sportscasters, music producers, and corporate executives, Tyler creates mind and body group classes through virtual fitness programs and outdoor fitness classes. With a great passion for photography, he has combined hiking with capturing wildlife images for another fitness group, thereby creating another unique form of physical and mental wellness. Organizations such as Lulu Lemon and Fitness Depot and conferences such as The Total Wellness Event and the Mental Health and Wellness Conference benefit from Tyler’s tailored wellness workshops developed to teach and encourage healthy practices.


Tyler’s Mental Wellness Journey

Tyler was diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities at a young age. After reflecting on his own struggles with anxiety and depression, he began researching the positive effects of exercise and nutrition on mental health and connected on a personal level with the powerful benefits unfolding in his own life. This self-mind and body therapy combination led him to become a dedicated advocate and counselor of both physical fitness and mental wellness.


He has volunteered with groups including the YMCA and The Good Viral, promoting mental wellbeing in children, and contributes as a speaker for the Canadian Mental Health Association, and Project Heal at York University.

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