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Rahul Zia


Rahul Zia
Life Coach / Counselor / Fitness Instructor

Rahul Zia is an accomplished life coach who practices with the belief that mental and physical health go hand in hand. As a compassionate and skilled advisor with a fully holistic approach, he teaches self-confidence and understanding to his clients who struggle with challenges to bring overall wellness to their lives.


He consults with clients coping with issues from relationships, separation anxiety, identity, stress, depression, and more. Coming from a Pakistani-Christian background and growing up in a western environment he realized that by helping himself with his struggles, he would eventually be able to help others. While attaining his educational background and certifications in counseling and coaching, he began volunteering and counseling in the local communities and centers — eventually expanding globally. With his expertise, he has assisted many people in various communities to maintain healthy and balanced lives.


In addition, he has been in an executive leadership role for a large healthcare security company and at present, is a federal government candidate—seeking to implement positive change with his experience and values.


Fitness is a personal passion for Rahul, and he channels this energy into his overall approach to wellness — supporting others in achieving a healthier physical state to positively impacting their mental health.


Rahul thrives on really listening and understanding others. He projects his challenges in his own life-changing events in an “eastern” family environment being a “western” into his everyday coaching processes and values to build a balance to his clients' mind, body, and spirit.

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